10 Reasons to Buy a New Car

10 Reasons to Buy a New Car

If it’s time to upgrade your old car, there are always lots of decisions to be made. For starters there’s what make, what size, what model. Then when you start to get into specifics like engine size, options such as manual or automatic, leather or fabric, there are endless choices. Another big decision to be made is whether to buy new or nearly new. Both have pros to be considered. But a brand new car brings with it a lot of pros, so here are ten reasons to buy a brand new car:

1.Warranty. Most new cars come with a warranty for at least 3 years or 60,000 miles. Some car manufacturers offer much longer warranty periods. Which gives you peace of mind if anything goes wrong on your car, other than the usual wear and tear.

2. No MOT for 3 years. New cars do not need to have an MOT (car safety test) until they are three years old. Which is another expense you do not need to think about for a while that you would usually associate with car ownership.

3. Good Finance Deals. A lot of dealers offer some great finance offers on new cars, which are better than even your bank could offer you. With low or even zero APR, and little or no deposit.

4. Fuel Efficiency. Fuel efficiency is high up on car manufacturers’ agendas. With environmental considerations as well as fuel cost and taxation, new cars are considerably more fuel efficient than older cars, which also reduces your day to day running costs too.

5. Less Likely to Breakdown. Nobody likes it when their car breaks down. It’s stressful, costly and can be scary. New cars are reliable, because, well, they’re new! There has been no wear or tear on the car or its components which inevitably means it is less likely to break down on you.

6. New Technology. Fed up with those cables to connect your phone lying around or the sucker marks on your windscreen from your sat nav? Car technology moves at a pretty fast pace. New cars come with some pretty neat features – integrated bluetooth, keyless entry, voice control all make your life that little bit easier.

7. Improved Safety Features. Safety is often a huge consideration when it comes to purchasing a car. Multiple airbags, braking assistance, lane keeping technology, adaptive cruise control, automatic headlights, as well as parking sensors and Isofix car seat mounts are also things you can get in a new car.

8. No Compromises. A car specified exactly to your requirements. The exact colour, the comfort and features just how you would like the car to be, no compromises. No more wishing you had something in your car you didn’t have. Get a car exactly how you want it.

9. No Previous Owners. A car that is yours and yours alone that no-one else has owned or perhaps more importantly broken it!

10. Promotional Offers. If you look around there are lots of promotional offers for people who want to buy a brand new car. From free insurance and fuel, to free breakdown cover and contributions towards your finance deposit.

If you would like help to purchase a new car, and would like to test drive a new car from your home or office please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

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