What is TestDrives2U?

TestDrives2U is the hassle-free way to book a new car test drive online. And the best part is that it’s absolutely free!

Now you don’t have to waste hours of your precious time searching for information online and visiting car showrooms.

With us you can choose the new car you want to test drive right here on our website; add the time to suit you and we then arrange for the car to come to your home or workplace.

We’ve taken the leg work out of buying a new car by partnering with manufacturer approved dealers who help us by bringing the test drive car right to your doorstep!

As well as being the most convenient way to book a test drive, we’re the best way to be sure of choosing the right car for you.

For most of us, buying a car is a big investment in time and money. And so it’s important to choose the right car for you. As well as making test driving easy, we are here with up to date, jargon free, unbiased advice to help you make sense of all the new cars and features out there.

We even have our own reviews of the UK’s most popular cars and impartial reviews from customers just like you.

What’s more, all our dealer partners are committed to giving you a fair price for your new car so you can be sure you’re getting a good deal.

Why test drive from home?

In a recent survey, 84% of people said they would prefer to test drive away from the dealer showroom.

With so many of us leading busy lives at work and with our loved ones and families, free time is more and more precious.

The fact is that finding the right car for you can be time consuming: Searching online; travelling to the dealership; sitting in traffic and then waiting around a car showroom (often with an impatient family in tow) for a test drive.

Our customers find it’s easier to find the perfect car if the car comes to you and you’re able to test drive on familiar roads; concentrate on the new car itself and how it drives.

You also have the chance to see if the new car is easy to park on your drive or in the garage: How does it look on the driveway? Are the child seats easy to fit? Is there room in the boot for the buggy or suitcases? All of this is impossible to do in a car showroom.

How does the service work?

You’ll find a wide range of new cars to choose from on our website.

All you have to do is choose the car you want to test drive from home, give us some brief information about yourself and your current car and book your preferred test drive time – it’s really that simple.

We then contact one of our manufacturer approved dealer partners and arrange the test drive for you. Our dealer partner supplies the test drive car and brings it to your home or workplace as requested. We only partner with manufacturer approved new car dealers.

F1 presenter Natalie Pinkham explains how it works here.

Do I have to pay TestDrives2U for my test drive?

No. The best part is that you can test drive one or even two cars for free.

Is it ok if I test drive from work?

Yes. Just let us know the address details when making your booking so we can arrange this for you.

So how does TestDrives2U make its money?

If a customer test drives a car booked through TestDrives2U and goes on to purchase the vehicle from the dealer partner, we receive a small payment.

Why do you need information about me and my current car?

It’s really important to build up a picture of our customers’ preferences. This information only takes a few moments to complete and allows us to work with our dealer partners to ensure you receive the best test drive experience possible.

How long is the test drive?

A test drive typically lasts for up to an hour, which is fine for most customers. If you feel you would like a longer test drive, please let us know and we will do our best to arrange this with our dealer partner.

Can I test drive more than one car?

You can test drive one or even two cars for free.

Can I test drive on my own?

This depends on our dealer partner and where you live. Some of our dealers, but not all, are happy to let you test drive alone. It’s best to ask the dealer once they are in touch with you. If this is not possible for any reason, you can always take your partner or friend with you on the test drive so that you can concentrate on how the car drives without any distraction.

Is the service safe and reliable to use?

Yes. The people bringing the car to you and accompanying you on the test drive are highly trained dealers who work for manufacturer approved new car dealerships.

Do I need to show my UK driver’s licence?

Yes. You’ll need a full UK driving licence to test drive your car and will be required to present the photocard part of your licence before your test drive.

It’s worth remembering that since 8th June 2015, the paper counterpart to the photo card driving licence is no longer valid and isn’t issued by DVLA. The information you’ll need is now available on the DVLA website.

What do I need to do after my test drive?

Once you’ve finished your test drive we would really appreciate it if you left a ‘warts and all’ review of the car to help people just like you to find their perfect car.

What do I do if I’m interested in buying the car after the test drive?

Once you’ve found your perfect car you are free to discuss the purchase and negotiate directly with the dealer. All our dealers are committed to giving you a fair price.

All we ask is that you let us know if you decided to buy the car and if not, which model you chose instead. You can let us know here.