Record new car sales!

Record new car sales!

New Car Sales Climb To Record Heights!


So it’s official then – 2015 was a record year for new car registrations.

The total number of cars was more than 2.6 million for the first time ever and the underlying trend is up as this is now four years of consecutive growth. It’s now hard to even remember the bad ol’ days of the Financial Crisis in 2008. All this despite the problems faced by the mighty VW group in 2015. The outlook for new car sales in 2016 is also rosy.

Whilst the old chestnuts like the Fiesta sold in droves and gained the top sales slot, plug-in hybrid volumes more than doubled, while pure electric cars saw a 50% rise. Is this the moment we start to see the rise of alternative fuel cars to becoming mainstream?

So what’s fuelling the boom (apart from the ease of test driving from home of course)? Well, customers are taking advantage of very attractive finance deals and cheap money in the form of loans to buy some of the most attractive, reliable, high tech and fuel efficient vehicles ever seen on our roads.

It’s also clear that customers are increasingly budgeting monthly when it comes to cars – as they do with most other things in their life – their mobile phone and so on. The fact is that favourable Personal Contract Purchase offers or PCPs for short are increasingly attractive for people who want to limit their monthly payment and roll servicing costs and even insurance costs into a fixed monthly payment.

So if you fancy clearing the January Winter blues with some new wheels, now would be a good time to start looking.

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